I’m looking at YOU – the reader who wants ONE email letting you know when pre-order links are available. You don’t want a bunch of newsletters cluttering your inbox. All you want is to know when the book you’re dying to read will be available for pre-order. Is that too much to ask?

Nope. And, I’ve got you covered! I have a new feature available TODAY just for you. PRE-ORDER ALERTS!


What is a Pre-Order Alert? One email sent to the address you provide alerting you when the book you’re interested in is available for pre-order. Your alert will be sent a couple weeks prior to release so you’re not waiting too long to get your hands on your book!

Will you send me other junk emails I don’t want? Nope. After your alert is sent, your email will be deleted…unless you sign up for another alert or decide to sign up for my regular newsletter.

Wait! I’m already getting Nancy’s newsletter. Do I need to sign up again? No. This is only for readers who want a pre-order alert and no regular emails. I’ll be sharing links with my newsletter list just like I always do.

I’d rather get Pre-Order Alerts instead of regular newsletters. How do I change my preference? You need to unsubscribe from my newsletter using the link at the bottom of any email, THEN subscribe for whichever Pre-Order Alert you want.

Where do I find the form to sign up for a Pre-Order Alert? A sign up box is available on Nancy’s website. Go to the book’s page you want to pre-order, then sign up. OR scroll down. I’ve included some current links below.

Sign up below for a Pre-Order Alert!

Claimed by the AssassinShifter World: Shifter Affairs, book 2 (Ilan and Sara’s story)

Beloved Possession – Shifter World: Royal-Kagan, book 9 (Kade and Zoe’s story)

Stitched Chords – Men of Sander’s Valley, book 3 (Jack and Blaine’s story)

Mated in Fire – Elemental Desire, book 3 (Draven’s story)

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