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Nancy Corrigan is a dreamer who one day decided to write down what the voices in her head were telling her. Years later, she's still at it. The number of heroes and heroines waiting for their happily ever after have grown. As a result, you'll find her typing frantically at all hours of the day or night as she brings their stories to life.

When she's not lost in her imagination, she's busy being a wife, mother, and chemist. Yes, she might run on caffeine some days as she juggles all her roles, but that's okay. She loves coffee.

Nancy resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, their three children, dog, snake, and guinea pigs. Her other interests include tattoos, animals, classic cars, and mythology.

Official statements from Nancy...

⇒ I do not condone or authorize fanfiction on any of my books past, present, or future under this name or any other associated "writing as" names. The very idea of someone else speaking for my characters or manipulating the worlds I have created sickens me.

⇒ I do not approve of the unauthorized sharing or selling of my works and intellectual property created by me—past, present, or future—in any format. To read about copyright infringement and the penalties and jail time associated with the illegal sharing or infringement of intellectual property, please refer to this site: 

Please note, copyright of intellectual property violations are punishable globally.

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