Facebook is changing – don’t lose me

Have you heard? Facebook is making some changes.
It plans to show more posts from family and friends and less posts from pages. Less junk in our newsfeeds is a great idea in my opinion! Unfortunately, that means it might make it harder to connect if you only like my page. BUT...that doesn't mean we can't still keep in touch. Here's one way:

Follow my personal profile!

Don't worry! It's safe. When you follow me, you see my public posts (most everything I post is public) but I never see your posts. Plus, people checking out my profile won't know you're following me! I keep my friend and follow list private.

Sound good?

Then, follow me!

Or go to my profile and hit the follow icon. My personal profile is: https://www.facebook.com/nancy.corrigan.79

PS...you can friend me also, but please note, I vet every friend request carefully and can't accept them all.

PSS...Once you follow me (or friend me), don't forget to like and/or comment on posts. That's the best way to train Facebook's bots so I don't get lost in your unseen feed.

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