Cover Reveal: LOVE NOTE

Jack and Blaine’s story is coming on November 11, 2018!

When a cynical bartender and a driven musician throw caution to the wind, sparks fly. But sometimes giving in to passion can have life-altering and deadly consequences.

As an ex-Marine, Jack Sander understands danger. But the hot, curvy woman staying at his brother’s place poses a threat he’s never faced. Within minutes of walking into his pub, Blaine Zima, the famous Russian singer, claims a spot in Jack’s life.

Now, he wants her on a plane back to Russia before she can steal his heart too. He has enough people to worry about. He doesn’t need to add a woman who calls another continent home to the list.

But after a day of hard labor ends in a passionate encounter he can’t stop thinking about, Jack’s faced with a dilemma: how to go from being two happily single people to a couple falling in love without getting burned along the way. Especially when Jack’s not the only one with a stake in Blaine’s future.

And with an enemy lurking in the shadows and her career on the line, Blaine needs someone in her corner. Jack is determined to be that someone. He’s never fought for anyone more important than the unexpected lover who took more than just his heart with her back to Russia.

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