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As long as I have my earbuds, I can write anywhere, but I wanted to have a room in my house dedicated to my writing. Since this is my space for breathing life into my worlds and dreaming up new books, it's important for me to have a work area that's geared toward production and inspiration. I've spent a while making our second living room into "my" perfect spot, but I think I've accomplished it. On one side of the room (not pictured) is a sectional and recliner. While I do retreat to the comfy spot occasionally, that area is mostly used by the kids. They enjoy coming in while I'm writing and just hanging out to read or play on their phones. The other side (pictured) is my main work area. This spot is perfect for me and my work habits. I have a tendency to get antsy after sitting for a while so the standing desk is a must. I also utilize the elliptical for reading and proofing on my tablet. Everything is saved on my networks. It makes flipping from computer to computer a breeze.

Besides my desks, I've decorated my space with the things I love to create an environment that stimulates and soothes my mind. I have Star Wars movie art, my kids' artwork, and a soft color that makes me feel relaxed. Lots of sunlight and outside air helps too. I admit to spending a lot of my free time in this room, and I can definitely say my office is my happy place.

Check out the picture below for a glimpse into my writing space, then scroll down for this month's downloadable wallpapers. 

September 2017 Freebies


Click on the size you want. A full-size image will open in another tab. Right-click on the image, then save as (jpeg). The picture will then be saved to your computer (likely your download folder). You can then set it as your wallpaper.

Don't forget to check back next month for another gorgeous image!

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Wallpaper   --   Calendar


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