The greatest game of all time starts now, and the devil is making the first move.

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In the game of good vs. evil, he unleashes…HELL

They call him the devil, Satan, Lucifer…a monster. He answers to anything, but if you ask him, he'll tell you the truth. His name is Arawn, Lord of the Underworld, and he's made a mistake. He fell in love and neglected his duties. Now evil has escaped and innocents are suffering.

And righting his wrong won't happen without a sacrifice. He knows that. The woman who holds his heart and soul knows that. Neither will like the price he has to pay. That's a given.

But nobody ever said being the father of the damned was easy. Luckily, Arawn knows a thing or two about hell…and love.

Arawn's story does not have a happy ending. It doesn't even have a safe ending, but the devil has a plan to turn his mistake into a victory. Come join him on the Wild Hunt for a scorching, twisted fairy tale of love, betrayal, mystery, and redemption.

The Library Journal on the Wild Hunt series – “...intriguing and original... Recommended for those whose traditional sexual values just need a little boost.”

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