West Virginia Inspiration: Jager Pack lumber mill

Writing a book is hard work. Creating a series world is even harder. I've found that drawing on the world around me makes this process a little easier. Since I'm also a very visual person, pictures help me focus. They also inspire me. While researching for Shared for Love, book 6 of the Royal-Kagan Shifter World, I came across this picture of the Glade Creek Grist Mill, located in Babcock State Park. First off, I thought - wow, that's beautiful. Then, I looked at it through a shifter's eyes (lol, my muse's eyes) and could imagine my characters living in a world similar to that. Maybe even working at a mill. Not all shifters are rich. I couldn't see my wolf shifters working at a grain mill such as the Grist Mill was once used for. But, a lumber mill fit my world. So...I decided to incorporate one into the Jager (Tanner) Pack's heritage.

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By the way, have you read books one through six of the Royal-Kagan Shifter World? If you haven't yet, you should! Book seven, Last Chance, is releasing on October 3, 2017!

Excerpt for Shared for Love, Copyright © 2016 by Nancy Corrigan All Rights Are Reserved.

Michael’s wide frame filled the opening. Although not as tall as many shifters, the Tanner alpha was muscular. He was strong, no doubt about it. The fight to take him out wouldn’t be easy. Not impossible. Speed and confidence would defeat him, both qualities Ethan held. He didn’t question his ability to topple the male. Never had. It was his ability to keep the position without a mate that had stopped him.

No longer. Anticipation zinged through him. He flashed a grin at the male. “Michael.”

Michael raised a brow. “You’re in a good mood.”

Ethan bit the inside of his cheek to dim his amusement. “Why wouldn’t I be? I just finished negotiating a deal that will land our pack millions.”

He’d need the money to fund the improvements in their community once he took over. Michael had considered updates to their school and library, among other basic services, unnecessary.

Michael studied him a moment more. “You’re talking about the sale of our lumber mill?”

And eliminate the livelihood of his pack mates? Ethan shook his head. “No. I contracted their services instead. They’ll be processing wood for another company.”

“If humans run it, I want no part of it. We don’t need their kind involved in our lives. I’d rather sell off the equipment and clear our warehouse.” Michael’s brow creased as if struggling with his words. “Liquidate our assets. That’s the term, isn’t it?”

“Yes. That’s the term.” Ethan clenched his jaw. Michael had foolishly sold off a large tract of land a couple of months back for a fraction of what the acreage was worth. He’d been thrilled with the deal, while Ethan had seethed. The only good thing that came out of the situation was Michael’s agreement to discuss any financial transactions involving pack holdings with Ethan before signing any contracts.

“And yes, humans run it, but I’ve arranged for them to hire a liaison from the area to act as their manager. I’ll make sure only shifters are considered, and if they violate any of the terms I’ve added, we can get out of it.”

Michael nodded. “Good. Well thought out, as always. I’m grateful for your loyal service. It’s the reason I invited you over. I have an offer for you.”

A wave of trepidation gripped him, but he couldn’t allow the weakness to show. He inclined his head. “Thank you. I must say I’m intrigued to find out what it involves.”

Michael waved him inside. “Come in, then. It’s best this is done in private.”

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