We have kittens!!!

We did it. We adopted kittens!

I wasn't sure we'd ever open our home to cats again. Three years ago, we lost the beautiful, elegant, and sweet cat I somehow ended up with in college. During her seventeen years, Jasmine moved with me to eight different apartments and houses, welcomed my husband and our three babies into her house, and nurtured a little kitten who passed on way too young. Jasmine was a truly special, one-of-a-kind cat. I was heartbroken when she crossed the rainbow bridge and was convinced I could never love another cat again. Then one day, I woke up with this nagging sensation. It was time.

I wanted another cat.

Since I had time to plan this new addition to our family, I considered all my choices, looking at different breeds and considering ages. I had to make sure this new family member would fit in with the rest of my busy household. We already have an older boxer, a snake, and two guinea pigs. Plus, there's three teenagers running around.

After looking at dozens of breeds, I thought a bengal kitten would be fun. I even found a local breeder who would be having kittens soon. After even more research, however, I began to doubt my choice. All the advice I got recommended against having a bengal and guinea pigs. Since I couldn't risk our adorable piggies becoming prey, the bengal breed was scratched off the list. I did look at some other breeds, but none felt right. I was about to give up on getting a cat.

That's when I got in touch with the local rescue center. I explained our needs, and they sent me these pictures. The moment I opened my email, I knew these were the little girls I was looking for.

Willow and Zelda's story...

December 2017 was unusually cold, too cold for little kittens to be outside, but these girls had no choice other than to brave the elements. At approximately four weeks old, they were found alone, already weaned, and bonded to each other. The man who rescued them contacted a local animal center. From there, they were placed with a loving foster mom who socialized and cared for them.

Now Willow and Zelda are ours to love.

I'm excited for the craziness of living with kittens, but most of all, I'm grateful for the chance to share purrs and snuggles again.

Sending a big heartfelt thank you to Animal Resource Center, Willow and Zelda's foster mom, and the man who rescued them off the streets.

Check back for more posts on Willow and Zelda's kittenhood!
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