Tame Shifter World® titles by Dana Archer

I have a confession to make…

Dana Archer is the TAME alter ego of Nancy Corrigan!

For years, readers of my Shifter World® series have been asking for tamer versions of my books to recommend to their family and friends who love shifters but take a hard pass on open door intimacy and harsh language. I’ve listened and delivered. Now, Nancy’s fans can encourage just about everyone to get lost in her Shifter World® by sharing Dana’s Royals and Alphas (the tame versions of the Royal-Kagan books) and Dana’s Agents of Shifter Affairs (the tamer versions of the Shifter Affairs books).

A note on what “tame” means:

  • The door has been closed on explicit intimate scenes
  • These books are still sensual with kissing and references to what happened behind the closed door.
  • No harsh language
  • BUT…there is still violence depicted (fight scenes). Also, some dark topics, such as rape and abuse, are discussed. HOWEVER, these scenes are NEVER shown. Darkness is a part of the Shifter World® but through the love and friendships developed in these books, everyone (including the most damaged soul) will find peace and most importantly a happily ever after.

Because I believe love has no boundaries, not all pairings are “traditional”. There are a couple male-female-male romances but the same “tame” rules apply as in every other Dana Archer title. Love is love is love. Getting in the way of the heart isn’t something I can do and still be true to myself.

You might be asking—why a pen name? Well, I never, ever want to deceive my fans. I don’t want anyone buying one of my titles only to discover it’s a tame version of a title they already own. Not cool. So “Nancy Corrigan writing as Dana Archer” is proudly displayed on all of Dana’s covers. A note referencing the sexy version is also included on each book’s product description.

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