Freeing his Mate

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When you learn your true mate is trapped in a bond she never wanted, there’s only one thing to do ­– free her.

You know that stereotype of police detectives? Tired, depressed, with a string of exes? That’s me.

Except I’ve been trying to get my life together. I even left Shifter Affairs. Their rules stopped me from exacting my own brand of justice. My promise to solve a cold murder pulls me right back in.

And drops me in my own personal hell.

But a skittish female saves me from the lying voices in my head. We click. Instantly. Just like it’s supposed to be between true mates.

The only problem? Mya’s already taken. She’s also already a mother. And she’s pregnant again.

I missed out on my happily-ever-after and the fated love few shifters ever find.

But so did Mya. She didn't choose this life. An abusive man claimed her before I could and forced her into a bond for the babies she can conceive.

Not any longer. My true mate has a choice, even if the law says she doesn’t. And if it takes my death to free Mya, so be it.

~ Rick

NOTE: This is the sexy version of Rick by Dana Archer.

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"The perfect standalone for a hot series! Nancy Corrigan takes a dark premise and weaves it into a breathtakingly beautiful story. Rick and Mya, the imperfectly perfect-for-each-other couple; the antagonists you love to hate; the minor characters you fall in love with and hope to see in future stories; hot romance, killer action; this story is a must read."

Everleigh Clark Author of the Mates of Bear Paw River series

"Great start on an exciting series. Packed with action and intrigue. Sexy and Romantic. This is an author that's always worth the read."

Amazon reviewer

"Nancy writes like a dream, I always feel like I am part of the book!"

Amazon reviewer

"If you're looking for a great shifter story, this one will pull you into the series."

Amazon reviewer

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