Claimed by the Assassin

When you hold the future of your pack in your hands but all you know is violence, you find an angel to guide you.
Then you claim her—heart, body, and soul.

An assassin is meant to walk alone. I did for thousands of years, living in the shadows and leaving death in my wake. Until my last mark turned out to be a pregnant shifter who was crying on the shoulder of my true mate.

My act of compassion changed my life.

Now I have a true mate I can’t touch without corrupting, a home, job, friends, and…a baby. A tiny, loud, and fragile baby.

I have no idea how to live this life. Or raise my orphaned pack mate. Sara does, though. And together we’ll find a way out of the darkness.

But when death threatens my family, I know exactly what to do. Eliminate my enemies. Once and for all.

~ Ilan

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