Baiting the Royal

The best way to catch a shifter is to bait him. Even if that means his true mate becomes prey.

Not every shifter wants a true mate. Some males deserve to suffer. I’m one of them. My true mate has other ideas. Lyla wants to heal me. Freakin’ worship me. All I want to do is protect her. She’s a magnet for trouble.

Too bad I’m about to lose. Lyla won’t let me wallow in guilt. Or ignore our bond. And…I can’t resist her seduction. I can’t resist the way she moans my name. I can’t resist us.

But with a body count piling up and a killer on the loose, claiming our forever is hard. And when the coward who’s targeting the homeless comes after Lyla, I’ll hunt with a ferociousness our enemy has never seen. A predator never gives up his prey.


Coming 2019. More details soon.