Claimed by the Assassin – Teasers

Claimed by the Assassin. Copyright 2018 Nancy Corrigan. All rights reserved.

I step back, but I can’t escape. Ilan’s firm grip won’t allow me to run. I’ve lost my chance. “Do you plan on locking me up somewhere?”

A steady tug on my arm draws me forward. Ilan leads us deeper into the living room and lays the sleeping newborn in the bassinet. He skims his fingertips over the little boy’s cheek before turning and pulling me flush against his body. I let out a little oomph. He holds me close, so close every breath he takes pushes his chest to mine, then he brushes his nose over the sensitive spot right below my ear. “Yes, Sara, there’s no escape for you. Darkness owns you.”

My pulse kicks up. Fear doesn’t feed the rapid beat. Excitement does. My body’s humming, the need for Ilan’s touch unbearable. “I thought you did.”

The curve of Ilan’s mouth against my skin sends shivers down my spine. “I am the darkness.”

“You are?” Ezra called him death. An angel of death.

“Yes.” Ilan drags his hands over my sides, from my breasts to my hips. “You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?”

“No.” The word slips from my mouth on a shaky exhale.

“That’s good.” Ilan lifts me, and I automatically link my ankles at the base of his spine and my hands behind his neck. The hard press of his erection settles against my pussy. He grabs my ass, pulling me closer and pushing his rigid length between my legs.

My eyelids flutter, the instant punch of desire overwhelming. “It is?”

“Yes, it is.” Ilan’s open mouth brushes over my skin, from my neck to my ear. “Wicked things happen in the dark. Pleasures you’d never find in the light or in another man’s arms. Only mine. And when the rays of the sun touch your skin tomorrow, you’ll reach for me, seeking the darkness, needing me.”

Warmth settles low, slickening my pussy and building an ache deep inside. I tighten my grip on Ilan’s neck, my fingers digging into his skin. “Are you sure about that?”

“Thousands of years, Sara.” Ilan carries me into my bedroom. The intensity of his gaze draws my focus to his face. “Every one has been in preparation for you, to lure you into the darkness, tempting you to the edge of the abyss. Tonight, you’ll fall, and I promise you… You’ll never find your way out.”

With the way Ilan’s looking at me, I believe him. I won’t ever want to seek out the light. Or leave him.

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