Sensual excerpt ~ Freeing his Mate

Freeing his Mate Copyright © 2017 by Nancy Corrigan All Rights Are Reserved.


The dark visceral fury flowing in my veins is the kind that’ll turn me into a cold-blooded killer. But not today. Mya’s soft skin under my fingertips keeps me rooted to this spot. Her sweet scent lures me closer. And her voice soothes my primal side.

Taking her mouth in another slow kiss, I savor this moment. The beauty of it will be overshadowed by lust and the need to possess. I know myself too well. The moment I lower Mya to the bed, I’ll devour her. She needs to know why. Needs to know my feelings. No one else deserves that. Only Mya.

“I’ve remained in this world for you, Mya. For this moment.” I speak the truth against her soft lips. “Every glimpse of what happiness could be if I’d only managed to get things right, every painful reminder of what it feels like to lose everything I care about, every lonely moment when I questioned why I keep breathing.”

I ease back slightly. Mya’s green eyes draw me in. The purity and innocence I see reflected in my true mate’s gaze cleanses me, wiping away all the shit I’ve experienced over my long life. I can’t help but be inspired by Mya’s strength. She’s suffered more than any woman should. Yet I see love in her eyes. There’s no mistaking it. This beautiful woman loves me—a man who failed her, allowing her to fall into the hands of a pitiful excuse of a male.

“Every second of my two centuries of life made me into a man worthy of you.” And I’ll spend every moment proving to Mya she made the right choice tonight.

“And you’ve shown me I am worthy of a man like you.” Mya rests her fingertips against my lips. “That I deserve love.”

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