Forbidden Mate

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Love has no place in politics. Until a councilman falls in love.

As a politician on the Shifter Council, Anton Alexander can’t afford to fall in love. Any woman he gets involved with would become a target for his enemies. Hurt her, hurt him. Anton accepts this bloodthirsty rule of shifter politics…at least until he finds someone to care about.

Nyx has one goal—to break through the shifter world’s male-dominated culture and prove her worth. One man stands in her way…a distractingly gorgeous and bossy shifter male she can’t stop touching. Now she has to choose between her future and his. And that was never part of her plan. But neither was falling in love with the enemy.

Anton has never been one to shy away from a challenge. But this time the stakes have never been higher. A shifter only gets one chance at love. And nothing will take Nyx from him. Not his enemies. Not their antiquated traditions. And most definitely not the law. A true mate’s love overrules everything.

If you’re looking for a sensual and intense paranormal romance with political intrigue, mystery, suspense, and true love, join Anton and Nyx in their fight for love and justice.

NOTE: This is the sexy version of Anton by Dana Archer.

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"Political intrigue, original shifter world...A captivating read which I highly recommend." 

Goodreads reviewer

"Enjoyable book. Really enjoyed the strong female characters and strong plot about women's rights."

Amazon reviewer

"This is a great new book in the Shifter World Series-It is a hot addicting read!

Amazon reviewer

"The twists and turns in this story will boggle your mind and keep you guessing until the very end."

Amazon Reviewer

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