Bridged by Love

A broken man…A determined woman…A fight to bridge the heart of a pack.

From the moment he took his first breath, Nic Kagan’s life was sealed. He’d mate, produce an heir, and lead his pack into the next generation.

Every day since maturing has been a battle of wills with the obstinate wolf he houses. It wants to breed with the most powerful shifter female it can find. Nic wants to bind his soul to the human female he fell in love with years ago.

Riley owns his heart. Well, half of it. His wolf owns the rest. And it’s not wasting its chance to breed on a human mate. With the current alpha on death’s door, the fate of the pack is at stake.

Nic has no choice. He has to take his rightful place. But that doesn’t mean he has to bow down willingly to the demands of his baser half. Love is powerful in its own right. And worth fighting for.

Note: This book has been revised and expanded.

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"This book centers around Nice and Riley's love for each other....Their story is full of emotion. It carries everything from love, betrayal, family, lies, lust, honor, deceit, and loyalty. With each new book in the series Nancy is rewriting the laws of her shifter world and making the stories deeper and more meaningful. I can't wait to see what's next." Reader review ~ 5 stars.

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Shared for Love