Non-Kindle Reader Policy

Updated 08 April 2018

From time to time, Nancy Corrigan may list one, several, or all her books in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. If you don’t or can’t read a Kindle book, no worries! There are three options available to you.

  1. Download a Kindle App reader on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can use this app to read any Kindle book
  2. Buy a Print copy. Currently, Nancy’s paperbacks are available at several retailers, including B&N online.
  3. Buy the ebook on Amazon, then send Nancy a copy of your receipt. She’ll send you a link to download the ebook via BookFunnel so you can read it on your Kobo reader, Nook reader, or whatever device you normally use.
  4. Important! Please do not return the ebook you purchased via Amazon for a refund because Nancy won’t get paid. That’ll make her and her kittens very sad. They like food and toys. No paycheck means hungry kittens.

Procedure for exchanging a Kindle purchase:

  • Email Nancy a copy of your Amazon receipt:
  • Nancy will try her very best to respond quickly and send you a bookfunnel link, but there there might be a day or two delay in response. She does need to write and sleep.
  • Learn more about Bookfunnel here:
  • All exchanged books will be identifiable to you. This means if you resell, trade, pirate, upload to websites, youtube, or forums, steal, or otherwise violate copyright protection laws, you are subject to punishment as defined by international copyright laws. PLEASE DON’T PIRATE! It’s not worth it.
  • PS – Nancy will never, under any circumstance, attach a copy of a book to an email. All exchanges will be done using the BookFunnel system. Also, Nancy does not and will not offer her books in pdf format.

Why does Nancy occasionally list her books on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program?

Nancy understands her readers come from all walks of life and have different needs. She tries very hard to meet those needs so everyone can escape into the worlds she creates. Sometimes, this includes making her books available via the Kindle Unlimited system.