Fix Me

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When a little adult fun turns strangers into lovers, emotions aren't the only thing at stake. Lives are too.

Wyn Sander enjoys the simple things in life—a variety of women, good friends, and working on cars. He’s not cut out for commitment. But with his older brother’s wedding around the corner, Wyn is rethinking his stance. And he has the brown-eyed, exotic woman who barges into his garage to thank for it.

The sexy Russian manages the impossible—capturing Wyn’s interest for more than a night. Iona’s everything a guy could want, but she’s in Sander’s Valley for one purpose—to plan her half sister’s wedding. In a month, she’ll be gone.

Challenge accepted. But navigating the murky waters of love and relationships isn’t Wyn’s biggest obstacle. Iona’s possessive ex wants her back. Suddenly being in love might bring deadly consequences. For both of them.

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Love Note

Who is Hayden Wolfe?

Nancy Corrigan believes in transparency. She wants her readers to find the books they love, not accidentally download a story in a genre they don't read. So all her contemporary books will be under the guise of "Nancy Corrigan writing as Hayden Wolfe" and her paranormal books will remain as Nancy Corrigan titles.