Love Note (was Stitched Chords)

Working Title Name Change – Men of Sander’s Valley book 3

I was in the middle of edits for Jack and Blaine’s book, and it became clear my working title, Stitched Chords, wasn’t working. Two other titles teased my mind: Love Note and Play Time. While I loved both, I polled Facebook and…the final title for Men of Sander’s Valley book 3 is:

Love Note

The cover for this book has been ordered and first round edits are done. If you’re wondering – I always do two round of edits, one round of proofing, then read a book several times before it goes out into the world.

Release date is scheduled for:

November 13, 2018

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Look for teasers soon. By the way, do you like my inspiration for Jack?

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