Forbidden Mate – sexy teaser

Forbidden Mate Copyright © 2018 by Nancy Corrigan All Rights Are Reserved.

“Would you?” Anton’s breath warmed a path to her mouth. “Beg me for a kiss?”

She dipped her chin in response. Then waited for the pressure of Anton’s mouth on hers, for his tongue to slip past her lips, for his taste to drug her.

“Say it.”

His command compelled her to obey. “Please. Kiss me, Anton. Just once.”

“Nyx.” Anton whispered her name. Then he was kissing her. There was nothing gentle about the way he took her mouth. Nothing sweet. Nothing that made her want to sigh with the romanticism of this moment.

Anton dominated her. Took from her.

With a firm tug, he yanked her against his body. Her back arched as he leaned over her. His kiss was bruising, demanding. He didn’t give her a chance to match his passion. He pulled her in. She had no choice but to submit to him.

His sharper fangs descended, nicking her tongue and his. The taste of heavenly chocolate flooded her mouth. She twined her tongue with Anton’s. More of the rich flavor drugged her. She couldn’t get enough.

Digging her nails into his biceps, she clung to him. Her legs felt too shaky to hold herself up. Her head spun. Her hands shook. Every breath she took intensified the feeling.

“Anton.” She managed to get his name out but didn’t know what she meant by saying it. She simply needed… “More. Please, more.”

An animalistic sound rumbled in Anton’s chest. He lifted her with a hand under her ass. She automatically hooked her ankles at the base of his spine and linked her hands behind his neck. Her shoulders met the bookshelf, and the hard outline of Anton’s cock pressed into her groin.

Kissing her harder as if he was trying to crawl inside her, he rocked into her. Sparks ignited within her. She moaned and clutched at his shoulders. Lust built. This kiss they shared did nothing to quench it. She needed more. She needed Anton inside her.

She reached between their bodies. Her fingers trembled, but she managed to pull down his zipper. Silky boxers covered Anton’s penis. She stroked him through the thin layer of his boxers. His long, thick shaft would stretch her, filling her completely. She wanted that. Wanted him to be the first man to love her.

The only one.

Anton broke their kiss. Panting, he stared at her. Hunger burned in his eyes to match hers. He dragged his tongue over his lower lip. “You know what the word ‘stop’ means, don’t you?”

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