Cloaked in Mist

A woman bound to a promise… A man starving for freedom… A choice hangs in the balance…

Nikki Reisler is on a mission to recover the Norse artifact belonging to her family. She’ll do anything to get her hands on the cloak, including manipulating the surly vampire who kidnaps her. But she doesn’t count on her emotions getting in the way—and loving the man you’re trying to con never turns out well.

Lyal harbors an undeniable hunger for the woman he caught a glimpse of in Greenland. She’s beautiful, intriguing, exciting…and he can’t wait to dump the conniving female on someone else. No way does he want to spend eternity with a partner who houses the power of the god he hates—or worse yet, fall in love with her.

But when Nikki's future and honor are threatened, Lyal gears up for the fight of his life...against the mistakes of the past. He refuses to allow them to claim the most important treasure he's ever found—Nikki.

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