December 2017: Holiday themed wallpaper

I HATE shopping but it looks like I'm heading to the stores again...

If I'd written this post yesterday, I would've shamelessly boasted about being done with my holiday shopping and decorating. I spent Thanksgiving holiday cleaning, putting up the tree, and shopping. With my wonderful family's help, of course. All that was left on my holiday to-do was baking. I was feeling mighty proud of myself.

Then, I went back to work and opened my email to find not one plea but three for our community Christmas Wish List. I'm not sure whether there are more needy families in our area (which I can believe) or less money lining everyone else's pockets (which I can also believe), but there were close to two dozen kids, mostly pre-teen and teenagers who want crazy things like clothes and shoes, waiting for someone to make their holiday brighter.

I'm one of those people who will give money to community projects. I don't invest my time. Mostly because I have so little between writing, working, raising kids, and being a wife. Oh yeah, somewhere in there I sleep and take care of the house too, lol. There comes a point where you just have to say no.

There also comes a time when you have to say yes. Today was that day.

While I couldn't sponsor them all (trust me, I'm not rich), I chose who I could. And...I'm going shopping. Again. Thankfully, my kids have volunteered to wrap.

Wish me minimal crowds and traffic please 🙂



PS - I hope you have a wonderful December, whether you celebrate or not.

PSS -Don't forget to scroll down for your holiday themed wallpaper!

PSSS - Keep an eye out for excerpts from Freeing his Mate! Rick's book releases in January.

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