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A law abiding agent. A selfless woman. And a race to stop a killer.

Lyla’s been through enough therapy to understand a thing or two about guilt. But Uri, her by-the-book Shifter Affairs mentor, takes guilt to the next level. All is not as it seems, though. Because beneath all the guilt and his perfect agent mask, Lyla catches glimpses of the passionate man Uri truly is. And now she wants him—scars and all...

Uri knows he doesn’t deserve love. He should suffer for the mistakes he’s made, but his true mate disagrees. Lyla wants to heal him…worship him. All he wants to do is protect her—his living angel with a wicked side—from the evil walking the streets and preying on innocents.

But with a body count piling up and a killer on the loose, even fated mates have a hard time claiming their forever. And when Lyla becomes a target, Uri will use any means necessary to take out their enemy...even if he has to risk his career and his soul in the process.

If you're looking for a wild, HOT ride with plenty of sizzling scenes, a plot that keeps you chanting, "One more chapter!", mystery, betrayal, and suspense, you've landed on the right book page. Download Uri and Lyla's story now.

Coming June 27, 2019. More details soon.
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